Who We Are
Larson Fisher Associates

Neil Larson and Jill Fisher joined forces in January 2001 and co-founded the firm Neil Larson & Associates, now Larson Fisher Associates, to build on the body of professional work each had accomplished during their previous careers. Larson Fisher Associates is a New York State corporation with registration in Massachusetts.

Neil Larson, President of the firm, has a solid record of historic preservation work in the Northeast over the past 35 years. Among his extensive list of accomplishments was preparing the designation materials for the Hudson River National Historic Landmark District, the creation of the Hudson Valley Study Center at SUNY New Paltz, developing a digital project on historical collections relating to the Hudson River for the New York Public Library, and writing the architecture section for a state-wide context for the Underground Railroad in Massachusetts. He is responsible for scores of nominations, cultural surveys and inventories, and authoritative historic structures reports in both New York and Massachusetts. As a former staff member to the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) in the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, Larson became thoroughly familiar with the National Register designation process and evaluating historic significance, as well as other federal and state programs pertaining to historic preservation.  As an architectural historian, writer and teacher, Larson has the capability of bringing unusual insight into the significance of historic resources-how they relate to the broader historic contexts of the region, state and nation-and he can convey that insight to clients in a meaningful and engaging way. He has special expertise in identifying opportunities for interpretation of a broad range of resources, including vernacular architecture, rural landscapes and 20th century suburban development. His work also includes development of museum exhibitions and production of written materials. For more about Neil Larson’s accomplishments, go to Professional Credentials.

Jill Fisher, Principal Planner and Vice President of the firm, brings a commitment to grass-roots planning processes to her work. With 25 years of experience in the public sector and physical planning, she has directed and written a variety of plans-comprehensive, strategic, corridor, visioning and historic preservation. Fisher has facilitated literally hundreds of citizen input sessions using the techniques of "Systematic Development of Informed Consent," (SDIC) in which she is certified. She has coordinated planning initiatives, developed implementation tools and programs, authored zoning, design review and historic preservation ordinances, and crafted financial incentive programs and tourism initiatives. She also has significant experience in organizational development. Fisher has worked with the America's Byways (formerly National Scenic Byways) Program, providing support for context sensitive designs for scenic roads and historic villages. Her background in physical design and New Urbanist/Traditional Neighborhood Design principles has been applied to waterfront development, main street revitalization, and adaptive reuse projects. She qualified for membership in the American Institute of Certified Planners in 1988. See Fisher's resume / list of major professional projects.

Over the past several years, Larson Fisher Associates has undertaken an impressive array of important preservation projects in the Northeast Region, providing services to numerous communities in Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York. Larson meets the Secretary of Interior 36CFR31 qualifications for architectural historian and Fisher the Secretary of Interior 36CFR31 qualification for historic preservation planning. Through cooperative association with other allied professionals, LFA is able to put together project teams particularly suited to the needs of your unique project. For more about Jiff Fisher’s accomplishments, go to Professional Credentials.