HISTORIC DOCUMENTATION OF THE HOFFMAN-DENEGAR HOUSE Tivoli, Red Hook, Dutchess County, NY Client: Donna Brown and Elliott Bristol Team: Neil Larson & Jill Fisher Date: January 2003 This historic documentation project was a real sleuthing job involving extensive deed research to determine the construction date and the builders of this historic home.  Concealed beneath a Craftsman's Cottage exterior was an early 18th century Dutch stone house associated with the Hoffman family.  Members of this prominent family were key players in the early development of Red Hook, which added to the historic significance of the house.  A conditions assessment was an additional component of the report, which provides guidance to the owners for future restoration and rehabilitation projects. CLOUGH SCHOOL DOCUMENTATION Mendon, Worcester County, MA Client:  Mendon-Upton Reg. School District Team:  Jill Fisher & Neil Larson Date:   June 2002 The historic Henry Clough School was slated for demolition due to the planned expansion of the 1960s elementary school on the same site.  Because of the building's significance to the Town of Mendon and findings to this effect by the Massachusetts Historical Commission, the school district was required to document the building.  LFA was hired to write a social and architectural history of the building and photograph the building to meet the archival standards of the state. KENT-VON DER BOSCH HOUSE DOCUMENTATION 330 South Street, Peekskill, Westchester County, New York Client:   City of Peekskill, Community Development Agency Team:     Jill Fisher & Neil Larson Date:      March 2007 The City of Peekskill began a major riverfront improvement and redevelopment effort in 2006.   As a result, several older buildings faced demolition.  One of the oldest, located at 330 South Street, was determined eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.   As mitigation, the City was requested to document the property to Historic American Building Survey  (HABS) Level II standards, and LFA was contracted for this work.  LFA's research established that the original section of the house dated to c. 1800 with Jeremiah Kent, a shoemaker, as tenant.  Subsequent owners were also identified, including merchant William Lyons and his family in 1860 and Oscar W. Von der Bosch, a civil engineer, by 1890.  It was the latter who was responsible for the major two-story addition in 1903.  Along with this historical background, floor plans were drawn to illustrate the evolution of the house, and digital photography documented extant historic building fabric as well as the condition of the building prior to demolition. Period I (c. 1800 - 1829)   Period II (1829 - 1896)  
Period III (1896 - 1946)   Period IV (1946 - present)